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89767-Tanks-1/48 Soviet GAZ-67B / Officer Set

900.00 ฿

[Attractive dolls expand the image of the Soviet army scene] This is a plastic model assembly kit that sets 7 Soviet soldier dolls on GAZ-67B. ● Scale 1/48, body length 70 mm. ● Simple structure body The model is richly modeled with rational parts division. ● The general who looks through the documents, the officer who holds a walking pose and a bag, the female officer, and the three maintenance soldiers in tsunagi are natural poses and delicate sculptures. Made by ICM, which is attractive. ● A variety of accessories such as driver dolls, Maxim heavy machine guns, and sub-machine guns are set. ● Can be combined with Soviet military items such as T34 and SU-122 for full-scale scenes.

[GAZ- About 67B] GAZ-67B is a small four-wheel drive military vehicle developed by the Soviet army during World War II. Production started in 1944 in the latter half of the war, and it is used for counselors by taking advantage of its excellent running performance and durability. contact cars and towing vehicles of light artillery, engaged in a wide range of mission as such as light reconnaissance vehicles. I kept running as also of the communist bloc countries feet after World War II.

[Soviet soldiers dressed] Soviet troops in the counteroffensive to the German Army From the turn of the Battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943 to the end of the war, Soviet soldiers were basically dressed in Rupasika-type field suits with a standing collar. Also, tank soldiers wore tsunagi over the field suits.