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78027-BattleShips-1/350 Japanese Heavy Cruiser Chikuma

5,100.00 ฿

The Japanese Navy's Last Heavy Cruiser
The Chikuma was completed in May 1939 as the second ship of the Tone-class. She was the final heavy cruiser to be built by the Japanese Navy and featured a distinctive design which concentrated four twin 20.3cm main gun turrets forward of the bridge in order to allow unimpeded launching of her six floatplanes from the aft deck during battle. Chikuma often accompanied the Japanese Navy's aircraft carriers since her floatplanes provided considerable reconnaissance capabilities to the fleet, and she was present at such important engagements as the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway. She continued to serve valiantly until her demise at the hands of U.S. carrier aircraft during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944.

Chikuma Specifications
●Standard displacement: 11,200 tons ●Length: 201.6m ●Power Output: 152,000hp ●Maximum Speed: 35 knots
●Armament: Twin 20.3cm Gun Turrets x4, Twin 12.7cm Gun Turrets x4, Triple 61cm Torpedo Launchers x4, Twin 25mm Gun Mounts x6 ●Aircraft: Kawanishi E7K and Nakajima E8N Reconnaissance Floatplanes

About the Model
This is a 1/350 scale plastic assembly kit of the Japanese Heavy Cruiser Chikuma. ★Length: 576mm, Beam: 71mm. The sharp form of the ship has been accurately reproduced. ★Model depicts the Chikuma in early-war form, prior to being refitted with additional equipment. ★Differences from the Tone such as the signal lights and rangefinder antennas are faithfully depicted. ★The ship's hull separates into port and starboard parts and one-piece lower hull helps to produce the form of the beautiful bow. ★The turrets feature precision-molded panel lines and radiator slits. ★Parts such as masts and antennas are made from strong ABS plastic parts. ★Bridge windows and searchlight lenses are reproduced with clear plastic parts. ★Metal parts depict anchor chains and propeller shafts. ★Nakajima E8N and Kawanishi E7K floatplanes can be set on the deck. Display stands for depicting aircraft in flight are included. ★Full hull model display stand included.

■Main Tamiya Colors for Painting the Chikuma
Name Tamiya Spray
Area to Apply
Dull Red TS-33 (85033) Bottom Section of Hull
IJN Gray (Sasebo Arsenal) TS-67 (85067) XF-77 (81777) Superstructure
Linoleum Deck Brown TS-69 (85069) XF-79 (81779) Deck Areas
■Other Required Tamiya Colors
Name Acrylic

Name Acrylic
X-7 Red 81507
XF-12 J.N. Gray
(Aircraft Undersides)
81712 80312
X-10 Gun Metal 81510 80010
XF-16 Flat Aluminum 81716 80316
X-12 Gold Leaf 81512 80012
XF-56 Metallic Gray 81756 80356
X-28 Park Green 81528
XF-59 Desert Yellow 81759 80359
XF-1 Flat Black 81701
XF-64 Red Brown
(Aircraft Camouflage)
81764 80364
XF-2 Flat White 81702 80302
XF-70 Dark Green 2
(Aircraft Camouflage)
81770 80370
■Handy Tools for Assembly
74044 Fine Drill Set
74049 Basic Drill Set
74050 Fine Pin Vise D (0.1mm - 3.2mm)
74051 Find Pin Vise S (0.1mm - 1.0mm)
■Tools for Working With Photo-Etched Parts
74066 Modeling Scissors, 74067 Diamond File, 74068 Bending Pliers74084 Bending Pliers mini
87091 Tamiya CA Cement (Gel Type)
74061 Tamiya Metal Primer
■Ideal for Attaching ABS Parts Such As Masts
87137 Tamiya Cement (for ABS)
■Bring Out the Details On Your Model
Item 87131-87133 Panel Line Accent Color (Black), (Brown), (Gray)
■Protect and Display Your Model
73018 Display Case N (w/Base) (Inner 620×125×165mm)