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78025-BattleShips-1/350 Japanese Battleship Yamato

10,000.00 ฿

20 Sets of Molds, More Than 1,500 Parts
Based on the latest historical research, this famous WWII battleship has been reproduced down to the finest detail in this 752mm long 1/350 scale model kit. Even parts which had not been seen before in model form, such as the turret barbettes, have been reproduced as Tamiya challenges conventional ship model standards. This model accurately depicts the Yamato with increased anti-aircraft armament as she appeared on her final mission to Okinawa and may be assembled for either full-hull or waterline display. Two sheets of photo-etched parts for details such as ladders and cranes are also included. With this level of engineering, accuracy, and detail, this is literally Tamiya's new flagship model.

Reference Booklet Included (B5 size, 32 pages)
This booklet provides background information for the Yamato, descriptions of her features, and some interesting facts about the WWII Japanese Navy.

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One of Yamato's Final Escorts
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