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78024-BattleShips-1/350 Japanese Heavy Cruiser Tone

5,200.00 ฿

[Various heavy cruiser created by the concentrated placement of the main guns] The last heavy cruiser built by the Japanese Navy, the Tone type. Of the two Tone type built, it was completed in November 1938 as the first ship. Is Tone. All four 20.3cm twin guns, which are the main guns, are centrally located at the front of the ship, and the rear is equipped with equipment that can carry up to six surface reconnaissance aircraft. At that time, it featured an epoch-making layout. Moreover, a rational hull design realized a high-speed power of up to 35 knots and a long cruising range. When the Pacific War broke out in December 1945, it fought hard as a fleet's eye in the Pearl Bay attack, the Midway Sea Battle, and the Mariana Offshore Battle. Also, the Leyte Offshore Battle in October 1945. Then, he took the lead in the Kurita fleet and contributed to the sinking of the US escort aircraft carrier Gambia Bay. In July, it was bombed again in Edashima Bay, and the war ended with a wreck.

[Tone main points ] ● Standard displacement: 11,200 tons ● Overall length: 201.6m ● Output: 152,000 horsepower ● Speed: 35 knots ● Weapons: 4 20.3cm twin guns, 4 12.7cm twin high angle guns, 61cm3 twin torpedo launchers 4 tubes, 8 25mm 3 twin guns, 4 25mm twin guns, 25mm single gun ● Carrier-based aircraft: Zero-type surface reconnaissance machine

[Model outline] Japanese heavy cruiser Tone's plastic model assembly kit. ★ 1/350 scale , Overall length 576 mm, overall width 71 mm. Modeled without leaving a fearless figure that is said to be the culmination of functional beauty. The left and right split type and the lower part are integrally molded to create a smart form with a rich sense of realism. ★ Large parts such as the hull and deck can be securely assembled by screwing them to the reinforcing frame parts. ★ The main turret is a panel line. In addition, the heat dissipation slit is expressed with a delicate mold. The gun body can be selected from normal time and firing time. ★ Compact bridge structure, V-shaped canister intake passage, unique induction chimney are faithful to details ★ The rear part of the hull is also finished with a sense of precision such as the carrier rail and swivel of the carrier-based aircraft, the transfer slope of the carrier-based aircraft, and the large crane. Parts. ★ The anchor chain and propeller shaft are made of realistic metal. ★ A zero-type water reconnaissance aircraft is set as a carrier-based aircraft. A stand that can be displayed in flight is also included. ★ An exhibition pedestal with a metal-like name plate seal is available.