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78022-BattleShips-1/350 Japanese Light Cruiser Mikuma

4,700.00 ฿

[Reviving the well-proportioned style of the light cruiser era] Under the restrictions of the London Naval Treaty, the Japanese Navy's top-class cruiser planned as a light cruiser with a standard displacement of 8,500 tons equipped with five 15.5 cm3 twin guns. Among the top models built, Mikuma was completed in August 1945 as the second ship following the top of the first ship. The flared bow and compact bridge structure are unique. While having a style peculiar to the Mogami type such as a guided chimney, there were subtle differences in details such as the rear mast and crane from the Mogami. However, it was reborn as a heavy cruiser. Mikuma, who organized the 7th squadron of the 2nd fleet together with Mogami, Suzuya, and Kumano of the same type, entered the Pacific War in December 1945, and Mikuma landed in Murray and off Batavia. However, in the Midway Sea Battle in June 1945, it collided with the Mogami that followed during the nighttime simultaneous turn to avoid the attack of the American submarine, and was wrecked by a wavy attack by a total of more than 100 ship-mounted aircraft. It disappeared off the coast of Midway in flames.

[Mikuma main points ] Standard displacement: 12,000 tons, total length: 200.6m, output: 152,000 horsepower, speed: 35 knots, armament: (during light cruise) 15.5cm3 twin guns, 4 12.7cm twin high angle guns, 4 25mm twin guns, 4 61cm3 twin torpedo launchers, carrier-based aircraft: 95 type water reconnaissance machine, 94 type water reconnaissance machine

[Model outline] ● Plastic model assembly kit for Japanese light cruiser Mikuma. ● 1 / 350 scale, total length 573 mm, total width 76 mm. Equipped with 5 15.5 cm3 twin gun towers, modeled without leaving a well-balanced style of the light cruiser era. ● The hull is beautiful with the upper part split left and right and the lower part integrally molded. The smart form such as the bow is reproduced with a rich sense of reality. ● Screws are used for large parts such as the hull and deck, and it can be assembled reliably. ● The bridge structure is before the addition of windbreak plates and anti-aircraft guns. The front and rear masts, cranes, and other details that are different from the top of the sister ship are faithfully reproduced. ● The bridge window and probe lens are transparent parts. ● Main gun tower, torpedo launcher, high-angle gun, catapult, etc. Can be swiveled even after completion. ● The main gun body has parts for normal and anti-aircraft combat. It can be replaced even after completion with a poly cap. ● ABS resin that is hard to break is used for the front and rear masts. ● Anti-aircraft guns for each part Fine finish. ● Anchor chain and propeller shaft are made of metal. ● Type 95 water reconnaissance aircraft and Type 94 water reconnaissance aircraft can be installed. The aircraft is delicately molded and has a strong presence. There is also a stand that can be exhibited at. ● With a pedestal for exhibition.