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78012-BattleShips-1/350 US Navy Destroyer Fletcher

1,100.00 ฿
[A masterpiece destroyer that conveys the trust of U.S. Navy soldiers] During World War II, as many as 175 ships of the same type were built, and the first Fletcher-class destroyer, DD445 Fletcher, became the main destroyer of the U.S. Navy. It is a plastic model assembly kit. A well-balanced and dynamic figure such as a flat deck that draws a sharp line from the bow to the stern, five 12.7 cm dual-purpose guns, and a low and stable bridge is realistically modeled. In addition, weapons such as a 5-unit 53.3 cm torpedo launcher, a 20 mm cannon, and a depth charge projector are also precisely finished. I will tell you the appearance of the battle that was active in a wide range of missions such as escorting the aircraft carrier task force. The main barrel, turret, and torpedo tube are movable. With an exhibition stand.

[Basic specifications] Overall length 327 mm, overall width 35 mm when completed