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77502-BattleShips-1/700 British Battleship Rodney

490.00 ฿
[Battleship of honor that carried the glory of the Royal Navy]
Completed in 1927, during World War II, it was active in supporting the Battle of Malta, the North Africa landing operation, the Normandy landing operation, etc., especially the German battleship Bismarck in 1941. It is a plastic model assembly kit of the British battleship Rodney that made its name in the pursuit battle. In order to enhance her defense, we have realistically reproduced a novel style not found in her conventional battleship, in which three triple 40.6 cm cannons of her main gun are concentrated on the front of the hull. Her rear bridge, chimney, and mast are also three-dimensional. It would also be interesting to see the display side by side with King George V, who co-fired Bismarck with a barrage of fire.
Overall length 308 mm at the time of completion