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74067-Tamiya's Tools-Etching bender (BENDING PLIER FOR PHOTO ETCHED)

900.00 ฿
[Dedicated vendor that can accurately bend delicate etched parts] This is a dedicated vendor that can accurately bend etched parts that do not have polygonal lines engraved. The close contact surface of the grip is finished flat, so there is no need to worry about damaging the parts even if you hold it firmly, and the grip has a trapezoidal cross section. When bending an etched part, even if the angle returns slightly due to the repulsive force of the metal, it can be bent to 90 degrees or more, so it can be easily bent at a right angle without any special technique. Furthermore, the tip and side of the grip can be used. Small parts can be bent using the tip cut into a mountain shape, and the side surface can be used to bend a polygonal line up to about 45 mm at a time. The grip is made of soft resin that is not slippery and fits well in the hand.

[Basic specifications] The grip is made of stainless steel and the grip is made of soft resin

⇒ "Tech Tips!" Become a master of etched parts (PDF)