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70769-City Action-Cargo Ship with Boat

7,000.00 ฿ 4,900.00 ฿
Ship: Floats with 360° rotatable crane for easy loading and unloading . Dimensions: 50 x 19.5-20.5cm (lateral trailer) x 25-33.5cm (LxDxH) Boat: Floats with outboard motor that can swivel. Upgradeable underwater motor sold seperately. Dimensions: 20 x 10.5 x 7.5cm (LxDxH)
The port - gateway to the world. Here freight from many different countries arrives every day. Another large cargo ship has just entered the harbor basin and the captain is maneuvering it to the terminal with perfect precision. On board are several large containers, which are now effortlessly unloaded with the help of the mobile loading crane. To keep to the tight schedule, every detail has to fit, but the captain and her crew are true professionals. Of course, all goods are duly declared at customs. The officials are already standing by in their customs boat. Great play fun for all young logisticians. The playset includes four PLAYMOBIL figures, a cargo ship with rotatable crane, a customs boat with outboard motor, container, binoculars, megaphone and many other cool extras. The cargo ship floats and can be upgraded with an underwater motor (7350).