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70435-Beach Hotel-Bungalow with Pool

4,000.00 ฿ 2,400.00 ฿
Fun in the private pool! From the roof terrace of the bungalow, a slide leads directly into the pool. Enjoy the sun in the hammock or cool off while splashing in the water. Fun for the whole family. Dimensions: 43 x 35 x 22 (LxDxH). An outdoor staircase leads to the sun terrace and, from there, reach the pool via the slide. Fully equipped for the whole family/for a family holiday, with key card to open the door.
Hurray - the holidays are here! This summer the family is spending in the first class PLAYMO Beach Bungalow. Perfect holidays are guaranteed here: From the spacious room with cosy beds, to the comfortable bathroom with shower, to the sun terrace with hammock, everything has been thought of. As soon as they arrive, the children immediately jump into their bathing suits and run down the outside stairs to the sun terrace. With momentum they go over the slide down into the pool. That's fun! Meanwhile, daddy makes himself comfortable in the hammock and mummy enjoys the wonderful view. The set includes four PLAYMOBIL figures, a fully equipped bungalow with bathroom, sun terrace, slide and pool and many other extras.