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70392-Novelmore-Treasure Transport (Exclusive Items)

2,500.00 ฿
Transport the gold, the sacred drawings of Dario DaVanci, and a mysterious mineral. With two knights and wolf team.
If the Knights of Novelmore have to transport valuable cargo, they use their Treasure Transport. In the treasure chest are Dario DaVanci's extremely valuable drawings of the magical armor Invincibus. Of course the Burnham Raiders are after these drawings. But first they have to pass Parcival Rush, Novelmore's fastest parcel carrier. Parcival brings all parcels, treasures and documents to their destination in no time and always has a funny story to tell. Accompanying him on the coach box is treasurer Sammy Silvercoin. As royal treasurer, he not only keeps an eye on Novelmore's finances, but also personally takes care of valuable freight transports so that the Burnham Raiders don't get in their way. The playset consists of Novelmore characters treasurer Samuel Silvercoin, Parcival Rush transport driver, a mobile vault cart pulled by five wolves with crossbow and cannonball on the side.