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70390-Burnham-Raiders Lava Mine

3,500.00 ฿ 2,100.00 ฿
In the lava mine, the Burnham Raiders mine Pyeronium which they use to forge their weapons and cannon balls. Includes two Burnham Raiders, two Novelmore knights with dragon, horse, and lots of accessories.Did you know?
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PM2104B Burnham Raiders
The exciting battle between the Knights of Novelmore and the Burnham Raiders goes into the next round! Both parties want Invincibus, the magical armor to be invincible. The Burnham Raiders use their gigantic Lava Mine to mine fire rocks for their machinations. The clever spy Ramsey and Lord Bertram try to conquer the mine and thwart the Raiders' plans. But they better watch out, because the lava mine is under the protection of Magmathon, a powerful elemental. Magmathon lives in human form in and around the lava mines and has the ability to control the flow of the lava and use it as a dangerous weapon. Ramsey and Lord Bertram need an ingenious plan if they are to capture the lava mines. The playset contains the Novelmore characters Magmathon, Wylie, Lord Bertram Baraton and spy Ramsey Boyd as well as a fire dragon and two ravens. In the lava mine, lava stones can be dug out of the ground and removed. A crossbow with fire arrows is available for defence. With their mobile cannon, which is pulled by a horse, the Knights of Novelmore can attack quickly and flexibly.