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61112-AirCrafts-1/48 Avro Lancaster B Mk.I / III

3,600.00 ฿

[Masterpiece heavy bomber that grabbed the victory] Avro Lancaster is a heavy bomber that represents the British army during World War II. It has a huge bomb storehouse of about 10 m in length, which is almost half the total length of the aircraft, and has a sturdy structure. Together with this, we were able to carry a maximum of about 10 tons of bombs. In addition to the Mk.I equipped with a British engine, the Mk.III equipped with a Marlin engine made by US Packard was also developed, and the war ended for each type. Mass-produced more than 7,000 aircraft by the end of the war. In the latter half of the war, it continued to fly as the main force of night bombing against Germany, and a total of 156,000 sorties were launched, and a total of 600,000 tons of bombs were dropped by the end of the war. It contributed to the victory of the Allied Forces and was one of the masterpieces of Britain during the war with Spitfire and Mosquito.

[Model outline] A plastic model assembly kit for the Royal Air Force's masterpiece bomber Lancaster. ● 1/48 scale, total length 443 mm, total width 648 mm, you can enjoy the powerful workmanship. ● Front canopy, rear turret, propeller, exhaust Two types of pipes are available for each. You can select and assemble a wide range of specifications from the early to late Mk.I and Mk.III types. ● The canopy is available with frame-painted parts in addition to the normal parts. (Except for some). ● The cockpit interior, rear turret, and main leg storage are also finished with a three-dimensional effect. ● The nose, upper body, and rear turret are movable. ● Two Marlin engine bodies are modeled. Engine The cowl can be attached and detached as a separate part. ● The bomb storage hatch can be opened and closed. A wide variety of weapon parts such as 200-pound bombs and 4,000-pound bombs are set. ● The slick type main leg tire is deformed by its own weight. ● With 5 dolls of driver, correspondent, bomber, gunner and ground crew. ● 4 types of markings such as the aircraft with nose art drawn are set.