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61108-AirCrafts-1/48 Mitsubishi A6M3/3a Zero Fighter (Zeke)

1,300.00 ฿
Japan's Mainstay in the Solomons
Following the Zero Model 21 (A6M2), which achieved overwhelming victories against Allied forces in the first half of Pacific War, the summer 1942 saw the introduction of the Model 32 (A6M3) which was powered by a Sakae 21 engine and an 11m wingspan with clipped wingtips. Although top speed increased, its range reduced drastically, therefore the Model 22 (A6M3) was rushed into development in order to correct the Model 32's shortcomings. Overall performance improved as the 12m wingspan and folding wingtips were reintroduced to regain maneuverability and new wing fuel tanks restored range to 2,560km. The Model 22 (A6M3a) which was fitted with long-barreled cannons was also put into production. Deployed mainly to the Solomon Islands from early 1943, Zeroes had fierce battles against U.S. fighters.
About the Model
★1/48 scale plastic assembly model kit of the Mitsubishi A6M3 Model 22 Zero. ★Length: 190mm, wingspan: 250mm ★Well-balanced form of the aircraft has been beautifully reproduced. ★Photo-etched parts depict the folded wingtip mechanism. ★The A6M3a which was armed with long-barreled cannons can also be assembled. ★You can choose to assemble the cowl flap in either open or closed position. Also, flaps can be depicted in either up or down positions. ★One seated and four standing pilot figures included. ★Comes with three kinds of markings including one to depict the aircraft from the 251st Naval Air Group.


■Aerodynamically refined engine cowlings have been accurately reproduced.

■The cockpit features details such as an instrument panel which features differences from that of A6M5.

■Both wingtips can be depicted in deployed or folded position.

■The well-balanced aircraft with its beautiful wings is precisely rendered.

■Kit comes with photo-etched parts to depict details such as the hinges from the wingtip folding mechanisms.

■4 standing pilot figures fitted with various uniforms and equipment included.

Iwakuni Naval Air Group, Iwakuni Airbase
Yamaguchi Prefecture, Autumn 1943

Major Saburo Shindo, 582nd Naval Air Group
Buin, Bougainville, June 1943