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61084-Aircrafts-1/48 Nakajima Nightfighter Moonlight 11 type Early production type

1,270.00 ฿
During the Pacific War, the Japanese Navy's Moonlight 11 type, which left a number of battle results in interception missions against US bombers. Among them, the early production type plastic model assembly that was deployed as the first full-scale night fighter of the Japanese Navy Air Corps It is a kit. Not only the style peculiar to moonlight such as the thick and large main wing and the engine cowl that wraps the same Sakae 21 type as Zero Battle, but also the features of the previous model such as the stepped upper part of the fuselage are surely captured and modeled. The two diagonal guns that stick out powerfully are also precisely reproduced to the base, the ammunition, and the gun rack. The inspection hatch is openable and closable, and I am looking forward to devising the display. Two crew dolls, the 202nd Navy of Borneo Island Five types of decals have been set, including aircraft belonging to the Air Corps and the Yokosuka Navy Air Corps.