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61078-Aircrafts-1/48 Nakajima Nightfighter Moonlight Type 11 Late Production Type (J1N1-S)

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[Nakajima night fighter moonlight 11 type late production type]

The Japanese Navy's moonlight 11 type was planned as a long-range fighter and later left a big battle result as a night fighter. Equipped with a thick and wide main wing and a 20mm machine gun that protrudes diagonally forward from the top and bottom of the fuselage called an oblique gun, it shot down many US military B17 and B24 bombers in various parts of the Pacific Ocean, and intercepted B29 heavy bombers even in the mainland Japan air defense battle. I fought hard.

[About the model] ● Moonlight 11 type late production type plastic model assembly kit. ● 1/48 scale, large and thick main wings, etc. Moonlight's unique style, as well as smart fuselage line and other late production type features faithfully reproduction. ● diagonal gun also precisely reproduced to details such as magazine, inspection hatch is open or closed. ● marking two types, the crew of the doll 2 body with.

About diagonal gun] each of the two gates 30 degrees to the fuselage top and bottom of the moonlight The 99 type 2 type 20mm machine gun was mounted at the angle of, and was called a diagonal gun. With 100 bullets each, it was effective in intercepting bombers, and the upper diagonal gun was strengthened to 3 gates and the lower part. Some aircraft had their diagonal guns removed. This diagonal gun was also installed on other Japanese aircraft and became an indispensable weapon for night interception missions.