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61075-Aircrafts-1/48 de Havilland Mosquito NF Mk.XIII / Mk.XVII

1,150.00 ฿

[Royal Air Force nightfighter in the latter half of World War II]
The Royal Air Force all-wood twin-engine mosquito used for all missions during World War II. Among them, it is a plastic model assembly kit that you can choose between NF Mk.XIII and Mk.XVII, which appeared in 1943 and became the main nightfighters in the latter half of the war. The elegant outline peculiar to the mosquito is faithfully modeled on the characteristic style with a large radome called the bull nose. The inside of the cockpit is also precisely reproduced, including the instrument panel, side console, seats, radar, and communication equipment. The sturdy landing gear also has a three-dimensional finish. Two 50-gallon fuel drop tanks can also be mounted on the NF Mk.XIII wing. Two types of slide marks, two crew dolls, and a boarding ladder are also set.
Overall length 262.5 mm, overall width 344 mm when completed