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61058-Aircrafts-1/48 Douglas A-1H Skyraider US Navy

1,040.00 ฿

A plastic model assembly kit for Skyraider, the last reciprocating carrier-capable attack aircraft of the US Navy, which continued to fly on the front lines for about 30 years from 1946 and was active in ground attacks and escort of rescue helicopters in the Vietnam War. Modeled on the most produced A-1H. The thick and sturdy fuselage and the engine cowl containing a high-power engine of 2800 horsepower have been reproduced without hitting the characteristic style with a sense of volume. The front shutter, wing flaps, and large dive brakes on the sides and bottom of the fuselage are selectable to open and close. Weapon parts such as 250-pound bombs and 5-inch rocket bullets add even more power to the large aircraft. Pilot's doll Includes 1 body and 3 types of decals.