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60315-Aircrafts-1/32 F-16CJ [Block 50] Fighting Falcon

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[US Air Force Masterpiece Fighter] The US Air Force F-16 was born as a small and lightweight air combat fighter, and has evolved into a powerful multi-role fighter with excellent basic design and gradual improvement. In the advanced F-16C, improvements have been made to the radar and cockpit, and the engine can now be equipped with the high-power GE F110 in addition to the P & W F100. Among them, the Block 50, which was delivered in 1991, is equipped with the F110-GE-129 engine with further improved thrust. In addition, the type equipped with the operational capability of the AGM-88 anti-radar missile is called the F-16CJ, and it has become possible to perform Wild Weasel missions to control enemy air defense radar. With over 4,000 productions, including variants, the F-16 has become one of the most successful masterpiece fighters of our time.

[Model outline] A plastic model assembly kit for the US Air Force multirole fighter F-16CJ. ★ Scale 1/32, overall length 475 mm, overall width 296 mm. ★ The blended wing body that creates the beautiful form of the F-16 is expressed by molding the upper surface of the main wing with the fuselage and one part. ★ Screws are used for the main part of the fuselage. Also, the pedestal is made of die-cast to ensure strength. ★ The F110-GE-129 engine that characterizes the block 50 is precisely modeled. It can be attached and detached like the actual machine even after completion using the slide rail at the top of the engine bay. A dolly for mounting the engine is also included, so you can enjoy the display alone and the scene of the maintenance scene. ★ A wide variety of weapons such as missiles are set. Two types of drop tanks and AN / ALQ-184 ECM A pod is also attached, and you can reproduce the weapon mounting pattern that is often seen in the F-16CJ belonging to the US Air Force. Weapons can be attached and detached and replaced by adopting a polycap stopper, and soldiers for each mission You can enjoy the difference in clothing with one machine. ★ The pitot tube on the nose and the static discharger at the rear end of each wing are made of metal, and the antenna surface of the radar and the chaff flare dispenser are made of etching to improve the strength and texture. ★ Flaperons, horizontal stabilizers, rudders and other moving blades can be stopped at popular angles with polycaps. The front edge flap, which can be selected up and down, also adds movement to the model. ★ The ejection seat in the cockpit has the same configuration as the actual machine attached to the slide rail, and can be attached and detached even after completion. Comes with a sitting pilot doll. ★ Two types of canopy parts, transparent and smoked, are included. ★ The air brake at the rear of the fuselage can be opened or closed. ★ The tires are made of realistic synthetic rubber. A wheel chock used when parking is also included. ★ Four types of markings are available, including a Tiger Meat participant with a flashy marking on the vertical stabilizer and an Iraqi free operation participant. A masking sticker for canopy painting and a safety pin tag sheet are also included. ★ If you remove the weapons, canopy, and vertical stabilizer with polycap from the completed model, you can put the inner lid on the pedestal and put it in the package