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60306-Aircrafts-1/32 McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom II

4,100.00 ฿

[Proof of ability in Vietnam, Phantom Navy type] In addition to the US Navy, it has become a main fighter in the Air Force, and has been adopted by 11 countries such as the United Kingdom, former West Germany, Israel, and Japan. With a total of more than 5,000 produced, the F-4 Phantom II has been the best fighter in the liberal world for nearly 30 years. Its maiden flight was officially adopted by the US Navy in 1958, and it proved its high performance by breaking the world record of aircraft such as speed record, altitude record, and climbing power one after another. The F-4J is a type developed for the Navy following the initial production type A, the first mass-produced type B, and its modified type G. Along with the improvements of the C and D types that have already been adopted by the Air Force, each part was strengthened based on the Navy's own requirements, and the first flight was made in May 1966. The engine has been powered up, the radar, fire control system, and bomb control system have been upgraded to improve air raid capability and ground attack capability, and ease of handling has also been improved, such as enabling automatic landing. The deployment of troops began in March 1967, and by December 1972, 522 aircraft had been produced. The Vietnam War was the stage for the F-4J's success. The main mission is to escort the ground attack aircraft heading for North Vietnam, which has been put into actual battle one after another since the end of May 1968, and taking advantage of the maximum speed of Mach 2.2, excellent air combat capability and powerful armament, it is a fighter of the US Navy. In addition to producing the only ace in the Vietnam War, he left a lot of results in the air battle with the Mig 17 and Mig 21 fighters.

[Model outline] This is a precision plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the Phantom II, which was said to be the best fighter in the liberal world for nearly 30 years from the early 1960s, in a powerful big size. ★ Scale 1/32, overall length 555mm, overall width 368mm. Modeled the J type that was active as the main fighter of the US Navy. ★ The fuselage is integrally molded to reproduce complex shapes with a high degree of realism. There is no adhesive line on the upper surface to improve the finish, and the main part is screwed to pursue ease of assembly and strength. ★ The pedestal is made of high-strength die-cast rubber tires for both the front and main landing gears and has a realistic texture. ★ The cockpit is modeled in detail with front and rear ejection seats, instruments, etc., and the windshield can be assembled to open or close. ★ The air brake can be installed by choosing to open and close, and the refueling probe can be installed even in the deployed state. ★ 4 sidewinders and 4 Sparrow missiles, 2 370 gallon drop tanks and 1 600 gallon drop tank set. ★ Comes with 2 dolls of the crew. Set 3 types of slide marks.