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35334-Tanks-1/35 USA M151A1 “Vietnam War”

880.00 ฿


[Indispensable for creating the scene of the Vietnam War] The US Army M151 appeared in 1959 as a successor to the Jeep that was active during World War II. It features a progressive mechanism as a next-generation military vehicle, such as a suspension suspension. In 1964, the rear suspension was refurbished and an improved version with a directional lamp added on the front fender. M151A1 started production. It was introduced into the actual battle from the Vietnam War in the 1960s, and was used as a soldier's foot on the harsh battlefield throughout the whole period.

[Model outline ] M151A1 plastic model assembly kit. ● 1/35 scale, total length 98mm, total width 48mm. ● Not only functional style, but also features of A1 such as small turn signal lamp and swing axle type rear suspension. Reproduced with a rich sense of reality. ● Can be assembled by selecting Army specifications and Marine Corps specifications. ● The hood is in the deployed state, and the two-window type before A1 is modeled. ● One driver's doll, Army Constitutional Corps during the Vietnam War And 2 types of Marine Corps decals.