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35318-Tanks-Finnish Army Assault Gun BT-42

1,600.00 ฿

The Unique Match-Up
During the WWII, the Finnish Army utilized captured Soviet tanks as their significant armament. Among these was the BT-42 assault gun which the Finnish Army created by pairing the hull from a captured Russian BT-7 Model 1937 light tank with a British 114mm howitzer and a redesigned BT-7's large boxy turret. 18 units were produced from 1943 to 1944 and they were deployed to the Svir River region to attack the Russian bastion. In June 1944 during the Battle of Vyborg, BT-42s saw fierce combat against advancing Russian forces.

About the Model
★1/35 scale plastic assembly kit of the Finnish Army's BT-42. Length: 157mm, Width: 67mm. ★Distinctive form with massive turret is realistically reproduced based on the thorough study of the actual example. ★Accurate muzzle brake and gun breech. ★Detailes include shortened front fenders, storage boxes, and jacks. ★Depicts BT-7 Model 1937 tracks and drive sprockets. ★1 driver figure and 3 types of markings included.