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35315-Tanks-1/35 German early Jerrycan set

160.00 ฿

 [Widely usable mainly for German vehicles in the early stages of the war] The German army jerrycan boasts a high degree of perfection as a fuel carrying can due to the pursuit of functionality. There were types and types from the middle period onwards that had complicated patterns to increase strength. Early types were mainly used from the war against Poland to the beginning of the North African and Russian fronts, and some continued to be used until the latter half of the war.

[Model outline] ● A plastic model assembly kit that includes 12 early German jerrycans. ● X-pattern press lines and Kraftstoff 20L characters are also expressed with sharp engravings. It can be loaded as an accessory for the vehicle used in Germany. ● In addition to the jerrycan, parts such as two types of miscellaneous goods boxes, jacks, jack stands, noteec lights, and inter-vehicle indicator lights are also available.