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35306-Tanks-1/35 Soviet Infantry Anti-Tank Team Set

690.00 ฿

 [Reproduce the sense of urgency of the anti-tank sniper scene] A plastic model assembly kit that includes Degucharev PTRD, which is a typical anti-tank rifle used by the Soviet army in World War II, and five Soviet infantry that aim at enemy tanks. ● In addition to the sniper holding the PTRD, the commander showing the target, and the soldier holding the grenade, the soldier shooting the Maxim heavy machine gun and the ammunitioner have also been reproduced. ● All have natural poses and certainty. Modeled with proportions. ● The style of clothing is from 1943 to the end of the war. ● The PTRD and heavy machine guns are also sharply finished. ● A part of the wall of the collapsed building has also been made into parts.

[About PTRD anti-tank rifle] In World War II, the Soviet army used a lot of anti-tank rifles. Among them, the representative type is Degucharev PTRD. It can penetrate the side armor of No. and IV tanks. As a countermeasure, the German tank is equipped with an increased armor plate Schulzen. Also, for heavy armored tigers and panthers, the PTRD that attacks the periscope etc. is tough. It became a weapon and was used for a wide range of purposes such as anti-aircraft shooting and base attack.