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35303-Tanks-1/35 Soviet heavy self-propelled artillery JSU-152

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[Monster that conquered Berlin] The JSU-152 is a Soviet heavy self-propelled artillery developed based on the JS-2 heavy tank in order to counter the powerful German tanks in the latter half of World War II. In order to put as many vehicles as possible on the front line, the ML-20S equipped with a 152mm field gun for in-vehicle use is installed in a simple battle room combined with steel plates. Utilizing the attack power unique to guns, it is effective not only in anti-tank combat but also in capturing torchka and defense bases. Defeat Tiger I and Panther, which had been struggling until then, and take the nickname of the beast hunter. It was.

[Model outline] 1/35 scale of JSU-152, plastic model assembly kit. ● Overall length 258 mm, overall width 92 mm. Powerful model with a large caliber 152 mm gun. ● Rough cast skin The shield and the front of the car body are also realistically reproduced. ● The hatch for each occupant in the battle room can be opened and closed, and the loader's hatch is movable. ● The caterpillar can be belt type or connected assembly type. ● Engine Etching parts are available for the intake grill. ● 4 types of decals such as vehicles participating in the Berlin rush operation are included.