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35300-Tanks-1/35 British Infantry Tank Matilda Mk.III / IV

1,300.00 ฿

[The Desert Queen who fought hard with strong defense] It was developed as a heavily armored infantry tank, and it was the main battle tank of the British army that took advantage of its strong defense on the North African Campaign in World War II. Matilda. He was called the "Queen of the Desert" in awe by overwhelming the Italian army and keeping away all German tank and anti-tank guns. Aiming for the liberation of the strategic Toburg 6 1941 The battle with the German 88mm anti-aircraft gun in Operation Moon Battle Ax is so famous that it has left its name in the history of the war as an indispensable part of the fierce battle in North Africa.

[Model outline] Matilda Mk.III / IV plastic model assembly kit. ● 1/35 scale, total length 174 mm, total width 72 mm. Modeled with a profound appearance based on detailed actual vehicle coverage. ● Turret The unique shape of the main gun turret, the front part of the car body, and the texture of the cast skin are realistically expressed. ● The suspension also reproduces the complicated structure of the actual vehicle with rational parts composition. ● With 3 types of decals centered on the North African front. ● Commander doll, loader and driver half-body image set.