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35298-Tanks-1/35 German Field Commander Set

312.00 ฿

 [Renewal of the German officer set] A plastic model assembly kit of 5 dolls centered on German military officers during World War II. ● Senior officer pointing to the target with a map in one hand, a bag and a map case, MP40 in hand In addition to the field warrior officer who does, the non-commissioned officer who is inspecting the Ruger P08, the correspondent who is in contact with the field telephone, etc. are modeled with reliable proportions and sharp sculpture expression. The equipment is also finished with a rich three-dimensional effect. * The finish is enhanced by using the 1/16 1/35 German Soldier Class Decal Set (Item 12625), which is sold separately.

[Clothing and equipment] The uniforms of German military officers during World War II were basically the same design as those for soldiers, but because custom-made items were allowed, the dressing was smart and the materials were high-class. It is used. The coat etc. are the same and different from those of soldiers. Also, the wearing of riding trousers and riding boots is different from general soldiers. As self-defense firearms, usually Ruger P08 and Walther P38 etc. I carried a pistol, but on the front lines, the officers often took the MP40 submachine gun and took the lead in the unit.