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35293-Tanks-1/35 German Infantry Set (French Front)

470.00 ฿

[Reproduce the typical style of German infantry in the early stages of World War II] A plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the Wehrmacht infantry in the early stages of World War II, including the 1940 battle with France. Modeled in natural poses, such as a WWII, two rifleers shooting with a rifle on their shoulders while marching or standing on their knees, and a machine gunner and loader laying down on the ground shooting MG34. You can choose different poses for your hands by rearranging the parts. You can enjoy more than 8 different poses by using multiple kits. ● Helmets with camouflage belts are also available. ● Small firearms and equipment are also sharply finished.

[Clothing] The clothes of the German Defense Force infantry in the early days of World War II are different from other countries, such as the 36-year-old field battle clothes, a jacket with a green collar, black leather long boots, and a functionally shaped M35 helmet. It was a sophisticated design. Also, the Y-type suspender for carrying equipment was not yet widespread in the entire army by the time of the war against France.