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35289-Tanks-1/35 Soviet Heavy Tank JS-2 1944 ChKZ

1,600.00 ฿

[Powerful Soviet heavy tank that overwhelmed the German army] The Soviet heavy tank JS-2 was developed to defeat the German Tiger I from the front. A powerful long gun 122 mm gun and heavy armor up to 120 mm, It has excellent mobility and started production in December 1943 in the latter half of World War II. From August 1944, major improvements were made such as eliminating the hatch and steps on the upper part of the front of the car body and increasing the defense power. Among them, the vehicles produced at the Chelyabinsk Kirov factory (ChKZ) are characterized by a rounded integrally cast body front part. The JS-2 is extremely powerful not only for anti-tank battles but also for breakthrough battles in defensive positions. Demonstrated. Contributed to victory as the main Soviet tank at the end of World War II.

[Model outline] 1/35 scale of JS-2 1944 ChKZ, plastic model assembly kit. ● Large turret with a total length of 282 mm and a long barrel of 122 mm, and the front part of the car body with a smooth surface composition The overflowing figure is modeled with a high degree of realism. ● The texture of the cast skin of the turret and the car body is realistically reproduced. ● The engine intake grill has a sharp finish with etched parts. ● The caterpillar can be selected from two types: belt type and connected assembly type. ¡● With 4 types of markings such as Soviet, Czech, and Polish troops.