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35288-Tanks-1/35 French Infantry Set

520.00 ฿

[Expanding the scene image of the French front] A set of 6 French soldier dolls from the beginning of World War II that counterattacks the invading German army. Modeled with dynamic poses such as four small gunmen in a knee-shooting posture and a machine gunner in a prone shooting posture. ● In addition to field clothes and overcoats, a kepi hat peculiar to the French army is also included. Dress also attractions. ● you can enjoy individual equipment and MAS M1936 rifle, Chatellerault Mle1924 / 29 machine gun, a well as handgun holster a sharp finish. ● B1 bis tanks and UE tractors and combination scene deployment.

About Dress] second In the early days of World War II, French soldiers were dressed in khaki M1920 / 35 field suits, which had been provided since 1935, combined with gateles, and many soldiers wore M1938 overcoats over them. Equipped with M1932 overcoat and leather leggings. Also, a unique cylindrical kepi hat was used in all classes except during battle.

[French military scene world deepened by combination] French tank B1 bis World War II In the early May 1940, the French B1 bis tank stood in front of the German troops that invaded France. It has a unique appearance such as a tall silhouette and a short gun body 75 mm grenade on the right front of the car body. Modeled with a rich sense of reality. The body parts of the car body are realistically expressed with the bolt pattern of each part using the slide mold. The connected assembly type caterpillar by fitting reproduces the details of the side precisely. One commander doll and decal In addition to the four types, a large-format color camouflage painting drawing and a readable battle record are also set.