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35287-Tanks-1/35 B1 bis tank (German military specification)

2,200.00 ฿

[French monster tank captured by the German army] Appeared as the main battle tank of the French army in 1937 before the outbreak of World War II. The B1 bis tank was amazing. It was equipped with a short gun 75mm grenade on the right front of the body, a 47mm tank gun on a small cast steel turret, and the defensive armor was the strongest 60mm at that time. The German army proceeded to deploy it to its own army, and the radio and in-vehicle tools were changed to German style. In addition, a new French army jack etc. was installed, a hatch was added to the inspection dome on the turret, and the front part of the car body There was also a vehicle with a concrete block added to it. The German B1 bis was stationed in the German-occupied Channel Islands and fought hard to capture the fortress on the Russian front.

[Model outline] 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit of the French tank B1 bis requisitioned and redeployed by the German army. ● Total length 192 mm, tall silhouette and short gun body 75 mm gun on the right front of the car body, vertically The distinctive appearance such as the steep side armor is reproduced with a rich sense of reality. ● Modeled by suppressing the differences from the French army such as the antenna post, in-vehicle tools on the fender, jack, lifting arm, etc. ● Hatch on the inspection dome on the turret You can also choose a type with a concrete block added to the front of the car body. ● Adopting a connection assembly type caterpillar by fitting. Further enhances the realistic feeling of the suspension. ● Marking of 3 types of German army and 1 type of free French army , A large color painting drawing is also set. ● A readable battle record is posted on the back of the painting drawing. ● A German tank soldier doll is included.