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35286-Tanks-1/35 German 4-wheel armored reconnaissance vehicle Sd.Kfz.222 “North African Campaign”

1,000.00 ฿

【 Recreate Scenes from the Desert Front 】 The Sd.Kfz.222 was a 4WD armored car used by the German army for reconnaissance duties. It was well-armed with a 20mm cannon and a machine gun in its open turret, which was protected from grenades and fragments by metal mesh covers. Powered by a 90hp liquid-cooled engine mounted in the rear, it was capable of a maximum road speed of 70km/h and maximum cross-country speed of 40km/h. The famous Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps used these armored cars in the North African desert for scouting and offensive operations, together with the DKW NZ350 motorcycle.

【 About the Model 】 ★Length: 134mm ★Angular shape of the armored car accurately reproduced, complete with tool case and headlight details. ★Precision-made photo-etched parts for the turret mesh covers and aluminum 20mm cannon barrel are included for enhanced detail. ★3 types of markings included to depict units in North Africa. ★DKW NZ350 motorcycle is authentically recreated. ★Commander, radio operator, and motorcycle rider figures in realistic poses included. ★Great as a stand-alone diorama or matched with other military models to create desert vignettes.