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35264-Tanks-1/35 M2A2 ODS Desert Bradley

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[About M2A2 ODS Desert Bradley] The US military infantry fighting vehicle Bradley has been improving since its production began in 1980. Among them, it was developed by taking advantage of the lessons learned in the Gulf War and has been deployed since 1996. M2A2 ODS (Operation Desert Storm). The main improvements are the enhancement of electronic equipment, including a laser rangefinder, a vehicle navigation system using GPS and a digital compass antenna sensor, and a VLQ-8 anti-tank missile jammer. In addition, as a countermeasure against accidental shooting and accidental explosion by allies, which became a problem in actual battles, a CIP (combat identification panel) for identifying enemies and allies was developed, and it is now installed on the side and rear of the M2A2 ODS. Even during the Iraq War in March 2003, the M2A2 ODS deployed in the main 3rd Infantry Division advanced into the battlefield in the desert area.

[About the model] M2A2 ODS Desert Bradley 1/35 scale, plastic model assembly kit. ● Total length 193 mm, laser rangefinder and GPS antenna on the turret, sensor at the rear of the car body, square exhaust pipe, etc. M2A2 ODS ● The turret of the 25mm machine gun can be selected from the normal type and the type with improved heat dissipation. ● The cuffs are modeled with the type with improved pad durability. It is a belt type that is easy to assemble and can be glued and painted. ● CIP (Combat Identification Panel) for identifying friends and foes is attached to the side and rear of the car body. ● A wide variety of personal equipment such as Alice packs and sleeping bags are also set. ¡● Marking is 3 types of vehicles dispatched to the Iraq War, 3 types of NATO military specifications such as KFOR.