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35251-Tanks-1/35 Sherman 105mm howitzer mounted (charge support)

1,000.00 ฿
[You can easily enjoy the scene by combining figures and tanks] The M4A3 Sherman 105mm howitzer-mounted type developed for infantry support has joined the MM series. You can easily enjoy the scene by combining figures of three infantrymen in battle. You can enjoy it. The turret equipped with a thick and powerful 105mm howitzer and a shield is reproduced with plenty of cast expression. Three dynamic figures and a half-body image of the tank commander staring at the distance create a feeling of tension in battle. I'm looking forward to the scene development in combination with abundant US military vehicles such as the M4A3 Sherman 75mm gun mounted type on sale.

[About the M4A3 Sherman 105mm howitzer mounted type] Allied forces during World War II The representative M4 Sherman tank. Among the many variations, the M4A3 Sherman 105mm howitzer-equipped type has the main task of supporting the infantry units such as camp attacks. The body is equipped with a Ford V-type 8-cylinder gasoline engine. The M4A3's late model body with a single plate on the front is equipped with an M4 type 105mm howitzer with a large elevation angle. In addition to supporting attacks while making the most of this, he was also dispatched to anti-tank combat, demonstrating its power on a wide range of fronts such as Italy and northwestern Europe.

[About the model] -It is a plastic model assembly kit of the US Army M4A3 Sherman during World War II.-Overall length 172 mm, overall width 76 mm. 105 mm howitzer mounted powerful figure is realistically modeled. Rich reproduction. The details such as the unique shield, the commander's cupola, and the machine gun clamp are also sharply finished. ● Each hatch such as the loader's hatch can be opened and closed. A set of 3 infantry dolls reproduced in the pose inside, a half-body image of a tank commander holding binoculars, and a wealth of equipment such as a howitzer box for machine guns, a tripod rack, and a wooden box for carrying food. ● 3 types of decals With.