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35249-Tanks-1/35 British Brengan Carrier (Forced Reconnaissance)

640.00 ฿
This is a plastic model assembly kit for the Brengan Carrier Mk.II, which is a typical type of caterpillar type small troop transport vehicle that was heavily used by the British Army during World War II. ¡Crawler tracks and equipment are also reproduced with a rich three-dimensional effect. A driver who operates with a low posture, a machine gunner shooting a Brengun, three occupant dolls heading for a communication device, and two North African specification dolls Set. With 4 types of slide marks. Since its appearance in 1942, it has been used for a wide range of missions on the North African front, the Italian front, and the European front after the landing of Normandy, so I am looking forward to the scene development.