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35248-Tanks-1/35 Anti-tank self-propelled gun Marder III (7.62cm Pak36 mounted type)

1,190.00 ฿
[Effective in ambush attacks] In June 1941, the German army that invaded the Soviet Union encountered unexpected Soviet army new tanks such as the heavily armored KV I and KV II, and the T34. Especially the T34 is over 1,000 m. It was an innovative tank with a powerful 76.2mm gun and thick sloping armor that punched the frontal armor of any German tank from a distance of. The shooting only scratched the frontal armor surface of the T34. To save this frontline ambush, the German army had a Soviet army on the body of an obsolete Czech 38 (t) tank as an emergency measure. capture, put antitank self-propelled artillery Marder III Sd.Kfz.139 equipped with a long-barreled gun 7.62cm which is an improvement, I was supported by the crisis of the front to a more powerful new tanks and self-propelled artillery is to appear. [ Model outline] ● 1/35 scale of anti-tank self-propelled gun Murder III, plastic model assembly kit. ● Total length 174 mm, faithfully reproduces a unique style with parts composition that is conscious of the structure of the actual vehicle. ● Main gun loading part and The battle room, such as the gun rack and large bullet rack, is also finished with a three-dimensional effect. ● The small shield and aiming device are linked according to the vertical movement of the gun body, and the occupant seat and the clamp for fixing the main gun can be selected during battle and movement. Possible. ● 2 occupant dolls, 5 types of markings for each front.