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35243-Tanks-1/35 Germany 18 ton heavy half-track tank recovery accessory set

400.00 ฿

[Effectively directing the scene of tank recovery]
A set of accessory parts that further enhances the presence of the powerful 18-ton heavy half-track. Some 18-ton heavy half-tracks were equipped with a large plow at the rear of the vehicle to stabilize the vehicle body during work. In addition to this plow, we set four pulleys to evenly apply the winch's force to the tank, and two S-shaped shackles and two wire rope tip parts used to connect the wire ropes. The plow can be installed in the 18-ton heavy half-track body by selecting the state where it is pulled up to the upper part of the vehicle body and stored or the state where it is lowered to the ground, greatly expanding the range of tank rescue scene settings.
Accessory parts set