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35242-Tanks-1/35 Bundeswehr main battle tank Leopard 2 A5

1,600.00 ฿
[About Leopard 2 A5] Leopard 2 has the world's strongest performance as the main battle tank of the German Federal Army. Its state-of-the-art type is 2 A5. The main defense and command and fire control system, such as stabilizers, have been significantly strengthened, and unit deployment has started at the end of 1995.

[About the model] ● A plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the Leopard 2 A5 with a high degree of realism. Length 275mm, Width 108mm. ● Faithfully reproduces the features of 2 A5 such as the turret equipped with the characteristic wedge-shaped increased armor. ● The increased armor on the side of the turret and the sliding driver's hatch can be opened and closed. The armor cover on the top of the shield is also movable. ● Simfire and one tank commander doll are included.

[Special colors are also released at the same time] Three colors of green, brown, and black introduced as standard paint for NATO military vehicles in the mid-1980s Camouflage. NATO Green, NATO Brown, and NATO Black, which can realistically reproduce this camouflage that is also applied to Leopard 2 A5, are newly introduced with Tamiya color acrylic paint and acrylic paint mini. You can use it. (The displayed color tone is slightly different from the actual paint)