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35236-Tanks-1/35 Type 90 Tank Mine Roller (equipped with Type 92 Minefield Treatment Roller)

1,810.00 ฿
[Main battle tank with powerful equipment that opens the way]
This is a plastic model assembly kit for the Ground Self-Defense Force Type 90 tank Mine Roller, which is equipped with the Type 92 minefield treatment roller, which was formalized in 1992, on the front of the vehicle body. In addition to the angular style that seems to be a new tank by adopting composite armor and the powerful style of Type 90 tanks such as the powerful 120 mm gun, the rollers that blow up pressure mines, special equipment that processes magnetic mines, attachments to the car body, etc. are unique. The structure has been realistically reproduced. Two types of metal chains and enamel wires are also set to enhance the sense of precision. The minefield treatment roller can be removed from the car body even after assembly. Comes with 2 dolls.
Overall length 320 mm when completed