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35232-Tanks-1/35 British Cruiser Tank Centaur Mk.IV

1,140.00 ฿
Cromwell, the British main cruiser tank in the latter half of World War II. It will be equipped with the Liberty engine that was already in production until the production system for the new Meteor engine was set up, and it will be possible to install the Meetia engine later. It is the Centaur cruiser tank. It is the only Mk.IV plastic model assembly kit that was put into actual battle among the Centaur types and was active in the thermal support mission in the Normandy landing operation. Powerful with a powerful 95 mm grenade. The figure is modeled with a high degree of realism. In order to shoot from the tank landing boat, a slide mark is prepared on the aiming scale written on the entire circumference of the turret. The tank commander and the loader's doll are also set.