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35228-Tanks-1/35 American Light Armored Car M8 Greyhound

990.00 ฿
A plastic model assembly kit for the M8 Greyhound, a light armored vehicle of the U.S. Army that took advantage of the high speed of 88km / h during World War II and showed great success in reconnaissance missions. , And modeled with a high feeling such as a 6-wheel drive suspension that demonstrates high mobility. The turret and the inside of the cockpit are also realistically finished. Also, a ring mount for machine guns and an M2 heavy machine gun are placed on the upper part of the turret. It is also possible to attach it. You can choose to attach or detach the large fenders on the left and right, and you can choose to attach the anti-tank mine rack and accessory box on both sides. With one commander's doll.