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35211-Tanks-1/35 Soviet Heavy Tank JS3 Stalin Type 3

1,090.00 ฿

[Responsiveness of masterpiece tanks that heralded a new era] Soviet tanks that fought fierce battles with German tanks during World War II. is. The main gun is equipped with a powerful 122mm gun. The body, which consists of a low turret that looks like a bowl and a sloping surface, thoroughly pursues the effect of the impacted armor that slips without the hit bullet penetrating, and its innovative style. Continued to have a great influence on the tank development of each country later.

[Model outline ] JS-3 Stalin 3 type 1/35 scale, plastic model assembly kit. ● Overall length 278 mm. -Modeled a unique style such as a hexagonal turret with a low silhouette and a long barrel 122 mm gun, and a slanted body. -The rough surface of the cast turret and armor plate is also reproduced with high texture. -The turret hatch and driver's hatch can be assembled by choosing to open and close. ● The track is a belt type that can be glued and painted. ● One tank commander doll is included. ● Three types of body numbers are available for the slide mark.