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35208-Tanks-1/35 Ground Self-Defense Force Type 90 Tank

1,170.00 ฿

[Crystal of state-of-the-art technology in line with the world] The Type 90 tank was developed by combining advanced technologies as a new main battle tank of the Ground Self-Defense Force. Equipped with a powerful 120mm smoothbore gun on the main gun. In addition to the proprietary automatic loading device, it is equipped with a gun stabilizer and a computer-controlled fire control system to achieve high shooting accuracy. In addition, composite armor is adopted on the front of the car body and turret to strengthen the defense power, the maximum speed is about 70 km / h and the maneuverability is high, and the body posture can be controlled by the hydropneumatic suspension. Its comprehensive combat power is said to be one of the best in the world along with the current main battle tanks of each country, and since the first mass-produced tank was handed over in September 1991, it has been deployed to various units.

[Model outline] 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. ★ Overall length 278 mm, overall width 103 mm. ★ The linear style full of power is modeled as it is in the actual vehicle. ★ The texture of the canvas cover on the base of the barrel and the composite armor, and the anti-slip processing of the car body and turret make the model look more realistic. ★ Detailed reproduction of engine grille, aiming periscope, machine gun and lights, turret racks, etc. ★ The main gun can move up and down, and the turret turns. In addition, the hatch for the commander, the hatch for the gunner and the crosswind sensor are also movable, and the hatch for the driver can be opened or closed. ★ Equipment for diving crossing such as snorkel is also set as parts. ★ Includes two dolls, a conductor and a gunner.