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35159-Tanks-1/35 American Assault Amphibious Vehicle AAVP7A1 Upgan Sea Dragon

1,300.00 ฿

[Demonstrate ability in river crossing and landing operations] LVTP7A1 has been used as the main amphibious vehicle of the US Marine Corps, with excellent performance that can accommodate 25 fully armed troops and about 4.5 tons of materials for landing operations. ¡In addition to the existing 12.7mm machine gun and 60mm smoke bomb launcher, a new turret made by Cadillac Gauge equipped with a powerful fully automatic 40mm grenade launcher is installed to enhance the firepower, and the fighting power is greatly enhanced. In addition, a corrugated plate called a bow plane was also attached to the front of the car body, and it came to be called AAVP7A1 due to a change in tactics in 1985. ¡As a reliable foot for the Marines, they marched into the desert with the M60A1 tank and fought for the liberation of Kuwait.

[Model outline] A plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the US Marine Corps assault amphibious vehicle AAVP7A1. ● 1/35 scale, total length 235 mm, total width 94 mm. ● The hatch of the turret and the lamp for soldiers can be opened and closed. Other hatches and the corrugated plate called the bow plane at the front of the car body are movable. ● Equipped with the conventional turret You can also make a type. ● Includes a half-body image of the driver and two full-body images of the commander.