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35150-Tanks-1/35 PBR31 Mk.II Piver

1,300.00 ฿
The Mekong River basin, which became one of the fierce battlefields of the Vietnam War. It is a plastic model assembly kit of PBR31Mk.II Piber, an American patrol boat that was active in this battle by taking advantage of its high speed performance and heavy armament. We modeled the toughness of the boat, including the hull, with a high degree of realism. The realistically expressed driver's seat and the interior of the cabin are also spectacular. Sharp weapons such as 12.7mm machine gun, 7.62mm machine gun, and 40mm grenade launcher. Communicates the high attack power of Pival. A wealth of accessories such as Jerikan and Radikase, and 4 soldier dolls in battle are also set.