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35072-Tanks-1/35 Soviet SU-85 assault gun tank

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[Masterpiece of World War II along with Jagdpanther] The Soviet army, which was forced to struggle before the German blitzkrieg with the start of the German-Soviet war, showed remarkable performance at the forefront of the German army No. III Pay attention to the assault gun. When I barely stopped the German army's advance just before the capital Moscow, I immediately started the concept of assault gun development. Meanwhile, the first completed was the T34 whose production started to get on track. It was the SU-122 with a fixed battle room on the chassis and equipped with a 122mm assault gun. It was newly introduced with a tank gun following the SU-122 that made its debut in the battle of Kursk in 1943. Is the SU-85. It was equipped with a 51.5 caliber long gun 85mm gun. It was called the D-5S-85A, which was a modification of the 1939 anti-aircraft gun D-5 into a tank gun. It can be said that the 88mm tank gun mounted on the Tiger I and Jagdpanther was made based on the anti-aircraft gun. This tank gun uses a blitzkrieg with a weight of 9.02Kg, an initial speed of 792m / s, and a distance of 1000m. It had the power to penetrate the armor plate with a thickness of 100 mm that stands upright. And the body uses the famous T34 as a masterpiece tank. Slightly in the fixed battle room with front armor that slopes from the front to the rear of the body. It was mounted offset to the right. The SU-85, which appeared in the actual battle from the advance battle after the liberation of Kiev in December 1943, confronts the German Panther tank and Jagdpanther. Its excellent mobility and powerful 85 mm I fought hard with a combination of guns. Sharp style and long gun body, Soviet masterpiece assault gun tank "SU-85" along with German Jagdpanther is reproduced on 1/35 scale. Its lean shape and mechanism you Please check with your hands. The kit modeled in 1975 reproduces its ability.

[Model outline] 1/35 scale, total length 235 mm. A plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the masterpiece assault gun tank created by the Soviet army in World War II. ● Large diameter road wheels and unique patterns are also realistic The lower part of the body, which is the same as the T34 tank, such as the reproduced caterpillar, has a realistic finish. ● The caterpillar is a belt type and easy to assemble. ● The main gun can be moved up, down, left and right even after completion. -The driver's hatch and the upper hatch of the battle room can be opened and closed.-A tank soldier's doll in a relaxed pose that sits with the hatch open is also set.-Accessory parts such as fuel tanks, auxiliary caterpillars, scoops and blankets that can be attached to the car body Abundant. ● I'm looking forward to comparing it with the German destroyer Yakto Panther (ITEM 35203) equipped with an 88mm gun.
[First release month] November 1975