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35039-Tanks-1/35 US Army M3 Lee Mk.I Tank

690.00 ฿
[Pinch hitter who saved the Allied tank unit] This is a plastic model assembly kit for the M3 Lee medium tank, which was developed as the main battle tank in the United States in order to counter the raging German tanks at the beginning of World War II. The unique appearance known for its three-tiered turret is fully reproduced. The surface of the car body with the armor plate riveted is expressed with sharp engraving. Precise finish even for complicated suspension. In addition, the 75mm main gun, 37mm gun, and 7.62mm machine gun are movable. Each hatch can be assembled in the open or closed position. Two types of slide marks are available: 1st Armored Division 13th Armored Regiment and 2nd Armored Division 67th Armored Regiment. Includes one American tanker doll.

[Specifications] Overall length 164 mm when completed

[First release month] May 1974