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32573-Tanks-1/48 German Panzer IV anti-aircraft self-propelled gun Möbelwagen (3.7 cm Flak 43 mounted)

860.00 ฿

[Discover enemy planes! Fire bullets in rapid succession] In the latter half of World War II, the German army developed various anti-aircraft vehicles. Among them, the first anti-aircraft self-propelled gun using the body of Panzer IV was the Mabelwagen. ¡The mass-produced model, which began production in February 1944, is equipped with a powerful 3.7 cm anti-aircraft gun 43 type with a maximum shooting speed of 250 shots / minute, and the armor plate that protects the surroundings of the upper part of the vehicle body is anti-aircraft shooting and horizontal shooting. It was able to be defeated according to the posture of. It was mainly deployed on the western front and was effective in intercepting Allied combat bombers. A total of 240 vehicles were produced by the end of the war.

[Model outline] Möbelwagen's plastic model assembly kit. ● 1/48 scale, total length 122 mm. ● Modeling of a unique mass-produced model equipped with a 3.7 cm anti-aircraft gun 43 type. ● Mechanical The finished cannon is movable and reproduced. ● The angle of the armor plate around the battle room can be selected from three types: moving, horizontal shooting, and anti-aircraft shooting. ● The weight inside the car body creates a feeling of weight. Is a connection type that promotes the integration of parts in consideration of ease of assembly. ● With one occupant doll to watch out for the sky.