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32562-Tanks-1/48 British Light Utility Car 10HP

560.00 ฿

The Excellent Battlefield Supporter
During WWII, the British military commissioned various types of civilian pick-up trucks into military service. These "Light Utility Cars" regardless of the make, brand, and year of production were all pressed into service and were thought of affectionately by British personnel. The average "Light Utility Car" was powered by a 30HP motor and could be seen at various fronts. In the latter half of WWII, the Jeep took over the "Light Utility Car's" frontline responsibilities, but it continued to roll along until the end of the Great War supporting the Allied forces in various roles at airfields and in communication use

About the Model
This is a 1/48 plastic assembly kit model of the British Light Utility Car 10HP. ★Length: 84mm. Based on actual research data, the classical form of this vehicle has been richly reproduced. ★The car's undercarriage, interior, and cargo area are accurately depicted with less parts. ★You can choose to display your model with either an open or closed cargo cover. Adding more enjoyment is the choice of displaying the cargo cover's rear flap in an open or closed position. ★Further enriching this set are 1944 Northwestern European front British Army, 1944 British Army Polish Corps, and RAF vehicle markings as well as British corps and unit markings. ★Driver figure included.