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31909-BattleShips-1/700 British Navy Destroyer Class E

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[ Veteran destroyers witnessed numerous tragedy] Navy E-class destroyers built in the 1931 plan were completed by November 1934. Four 12 cm 45 caliber Mk.IX single guns In addition, it is characterized by its enhanced anti-submarine capability, such as being equipped with two 53.3 cm4 twin torpedo launchers and an anti-submarine detector Asdick. was struggling in a number of naval battles, such as.

[main data] ● standard wastewater volume: 1,350 tons ● Length: 100.28m ● maximum width: 10.13m ● speed: 36 knots ● output: 36,000 horsepower ● armament: 12cm45 caliber Mk.IX 4 Base, 2 12.7mm 4-unit guns, 2 53.3cm 4-unit torpedo launchers

[Model outline] A plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the Royal Navy destroyer E class with a 1/700 scale and a total length of 143 mm. The torpedo launcher can be turned even after it is completed with a plastic cap. ★ With decals and warship flag sheets that can reproduce the eight built ships such as Echo and Electra who acted with the cruise battleship Hood in the Bismarck pursuit battle. Remodeling is required.) ★ The detailed illustrations of the new package will motivate you to make it.